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Your trusted guide to investment funds and SPVs.

We focus exclusively on fund formation and securities laws, representing both investment managers (GPs) and capital providers (LPs).

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What We Do

Investment Fund Formation

We love fund formation. Whether you’re ready to form Fund IX or you’re an emerging manager building your investment firm from scratch, we can help.

You’ll have an experienced guide through the entire fund formation process, including:

Regulatory and tax analysis

Selecting fund terms

Entity formation

Contract drafting

Investor relations and negotiations

Securities filings

Ongoing support

We serve clients across asset classes, including real estate, private equity, venture capital, private credit, hedge funds, digital assets, and more.

Special Purpose Vehicle Formation

If you prefer investing on a “deal-by-deal” basis, we have you covered. Pooling investor capital to invest in a single asset is especially common for emerging managers on their way to raising their first investment fund.

Examples of special purpose vehicles:

SPV to purchase a single apartment building or strip mall

SPV to purchase a single business (“independent sponsor”)

SPV to purchase a single class of securities (e.g., Series A preferred stock)

We can discuss the costs and benefits of raising an SPV versus raising a fund.

Limited Partner Representation

We represent limited partners in funds and SPVs. If you’re a careful investor, you may want an attorney to review the fund documents to look for red flags.

You may also want a “side letter” with the fund to obtain special rights or economic terms. If you don’t have a form side letter request for funds and SPVs, we can help you create one.

Some larger LP clients prefer a detailed list of fund terms and conditions. Other clients just want a quick email with any material red flags. It's up to you.

We support clients in the following asset classes

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Real Estate
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private equity
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venture capital
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Hedge Funds
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private credit
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Digital Assets
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Real Estate
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private equity
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venture capital
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Hedge Funds
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private credit
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Digital Assets
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Real Estate
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private equity
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venture capital
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Hedge Funds
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Michael Huseby -Managing Member

Michael is a trusted fund formation attorney with extensive experience representing both investment managers (GPs) and passive investors (LPs). While he currently focuses exclusively on investment vehicles and securities laws, he has a broad background in M&A, capital markets, public company representation, corporate matters, and fund formation.

With experience at elite law firms such as Latham & Watkins and DLA Piper after graduating at the top of his class at Columbia Law School, Michael understands the importance of professionalism, responsiveness, and precision. He has helped clients raise billions of dollars across real estate, venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, and more.

He also enjoys being an actual human, so don’t be alarmed if he attempts bad (good?) humor throughout the fund formation process. Fund formation should be fun!

He lives in the mountains outside of Seattle with his wife and son.

Prior Experience:
· Latham & Watkins LLP
· TroyGould PC
· DLA Piper LLP (US)

· Columbia Law School (Ruth Bader Ginsburg Prize; Carol G. Harper Prize; Kent Scholar x3)
· University of California, Los Angeles (Phi Beta Kappa)

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Join the Investor Opportunity Network

The Investor Opportunity Network (ION) is a free community of investors. GP get access to a community of potential investors and LPs get deal flow they might otherwise miss.

*Please carefully read the terms and conditions before joining.

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You Have Questions.
We Have Answers.

How does billing work?

For investment fund formation and SPV formation, we use a flat fee model with optional add-ons. For change orders outside the agreed project scope, we offer a significantly reduced billing rate.

For LP representation, clients can choose a flat fee or hourly billing model.

We do not bill for quick email responses, short phone calls, or other minor matters. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your lawyer a question.

Our highest billing rate for attorneys is lower than the rate for a first-year associate at big law firms.

What asset classes do you work with?

We work with a variety of asset classes. Most of our clients are in real estate, private equity, or venture capital. We also service clients in the private credit, digital assets, and hedge fund space.

Do you do "deal" work?

We are 100% focused on investment fund and SPV formation. That’s what we eat, drink, and dream about. As a result, we do not do deal work (e.g., real estate transactions, M&A, loan documents). However, we have a great network of attorneys who specialize in these areas. We’re happy to refer you.

Do you represent general partners or limited partners?

Both! We work with general partners (GPs) and limited partners (LPs). Having clients on each side of the aisle gives us special insight into what’s really important (and what the other side is thinking).

Why should I hire you?

We’ve formed countless investment funds and SPVs at some of the most elite law firms in the world, including Latham & Watkins and DLA Piper. However, we saw a hole in the market - investment managers who are ready for institutional-grade representation but who aren't yet ready to hire a big law firm.

At The Investments Lawyers, PLLC, we have big law background with a boutique touch and a client-friendly billing model. Our focus on automation, efficiency, and transparency empowers us to act more quickly (and at a lower cost) than some other law firms.

Finally, we love what we do. Investment funds are great. There’s nothing else we’d rather be doing, which comes through in our work.

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